Signs of Retaliation

Signs of RetaliationRetaliation occurs when an employer terminates, demotes, harasses, alters benefits, or otherwise retaliates against an individual for filing a complaint or lawsuit against an employer for discrimination or harassment. Simply put, retaliation is not ok and is not legal.

You have filed a complaint and believe that your employer might be retaliating against you but are not certain. Below are some of the adverse actions should you look for.

Your job has changed
One often used retaliation tactic to move an employee to a less comfortable or convenient department or shift. After filing a complaint, you find yourself shifted from executive assistant to receptionist duties, or you are suddenly moved from day to graveyard shift. Changes like these make your work life more difficult and the environment a less pleasant one.

You are left out of meetings and events
You begin to notice that you are left out of division meetings or team building events. Retaliation like this may cause you to miss updates or deadlines and miss out on group projects; thus, impacting your performance and comfort to no fault of your own.

You are passed over for a promotion
You are more than qualified for an internal promotion, you have a glowing recommendation, and you have been told by a supervisor that you would be perfect for the position but the job is given to a junior associate with less experience and no one will tell you why. Actions like this may be used to “put you in your place” and punish you for filing a complaint.

Your hours or pay are cut
All of a sudden you are told that your position is in jeopardy and that the only way to save it is to take a pay cut, or the position cannot exist full time so your hours are cut. But, you notice that none of our co-workers have to experience similar cuts. Retaliation like this makes dramatically impacts the well beings of your budget, makes your life more difficult, creates a very unpleasant work environment.

You experience additional workplace bullying
Unfortunately, filing a complaint does not always stop harassment; in fact, in some instances it can exacerbate the problem. Superiors or co-workers may result to bullying, snide remarks, and intimidation to make your life miserable or drive you from the company.

You do not have to deal with retaliation alone. Pamela Branch, and her team at PJB Law, can evaluate your situation, review the retaliation occurring, help you evaluate your options. To learn more about the signs of retaliation and your options, you can Request an Appointment Online or Give Us a Call at 804-250-5205. We look forward to working with you!

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