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Bullying at Work

Bullying at Work Unfortunately, cliques and bullying do not always end in middle school; bullying at work is real and can be devastating. In fact, the World Health Organization r [...]

FFCRA Questions

FFCRA Questions Commonly asked questions about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Throughout the chaos and unease of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions abound. Employers [...]

Signs of Retaliation

Signs of Retaliation Retaliation occurs when an employer terminates, demotes, harasses, alters benefits, or otherwise retaliates against an individual for filing a complaint or l [...]

Litigation Process

Litigation Process Unfortunately, not every conflict can be solved through negotiation or mediation; these complicated situations often end up in litigation. The litigation proc [...]

Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes Contract disputes are often an uncomfortable side effect of a breach of an employment contract. Employment contracts are created and used for protection; to pr [...]

Favoritism At Work

Favoritism At Work Favoritism at work should be avoided; it is counterproductive and often leads to a toxic workplace. But, unfortunately, it occurs more often than people would [...]

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Employment is considered "at-will" under the laws of most states; meaning that they may be fired at any time, for any legal reason; such as poor performance. [...]

File a Grievance

File a Grievance A grievance is a complaint, and, in a business, an employee can file a grievance when they want to make a formal complaint that is an accusation of a violation o [...]

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment Workplace harassment can be blatant, in your face, abuse or, more likely, it can be a subtle buzz of bullying that makes you question reporting it. Harassing [...]

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